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Mombasa Airport Transfers to Wasini



Mombasa Airport Transfers to Wasini Island

About Wasini Island.

Wasini Island lies in southeast of the Indian Ocean.

it is about 75 kilometres  south of Mombasa, and 3 kilometres (1.9 mi) opposite the harbour of the village Shimoni.

It is approximately 7 kilometres long and 3 kilometres  across.

The name "wasini mpunguti" came from the early inhabitants who originally were the Chinese they were short Chinese, hence the name wasini mpunguti which to the locals, means short Chinese.

The island has only footpaths of sharp old coral or sand.

There are no cars, carts or bicycles. Cargo is transported by foot or by a wheelbarrow with a solid tyre.

Transport is over the paths, or via the beaches, mainly consisting of coral and only passable with low tide, or by boat over the sea. 

The main activity in Wasini is tourism followed by fishing.

The Kisite Mpugute National Park is an attraction as well.

There are several activities that you can take part in, including, snockelling, dolphin watching, diving, kite surfing.

How do you book your transfer from Mombasa Airport

You will likely come through mombasa airport as it is the gateway to most coastal destinations.

To avod stress and start your holiday in a hustle free manner, book your airport transfer with us.

We will be waiting for you at the airport with your name on a card.

We will then confirm on email and whatsapp text the name of the driver.

He will pick you and you enjoy your holiday with much peace.

Avoid huggling with taxi drivers at the airport as they might mislead you.

Ensure you have prebooked your taxi the same way you pre book your hotel.

This is How to book your transfer

  1. Head to the booking engine
  2. Choose point to point
  3. Select your pick up point
  4. Select your drop off point
  5. Select your preferred vehicle
  6. Then book and pay
  7. You will get a confirmation voucher in your email

Below are our strengths.

  1. We are reliable - Meaning we have to pick you despite flight delays or custom delays, our driver will wait for you until you disembark from the gate.
  2. Professional and friendly drivers - Our drivers are trained to conduct themselves professionally. They will never ask for tips, they will also describe the touristic attractions to you and also are neat.
  3. Integrity and honesty - Whether you forget your hat, or your 300 usd camera, it will be safe in our vehicles, we will make plans to drop it to your hotel. But we really try it does not happen.
  4. Easy to Book procedure: We have a very user friendly booking engine. Once you complete the booking you will receive vouchers on your email address. We will also confirm in person.
  5. Great Prices - Our Prices are very competitive. We give you value for money.
  6. Private Car - no sharing: Unless on special request, our transfers are private.
  7. Modern vehicles: We endeavor to keep our fleet as new as possible. All our vehicles must have a working air conditioner and clean interior.
  8. Baby seats & booster available: We provide these on special request.
  9. Door to Door service: We provide a door to door service. Whether it is your first time to Mombasa or you are a frequent visitor, we will drop you at your hotels door step.
  10. Meet and greet - Your driver will be waiting for you in the arrivals area holding a sign with your name on it.
  11. Free waiting time - WE do not charge waiting time, whether your flight delays or you get delayed by custom procedures.
  12. Online Booking -  You are able to do online booking and get your vourcher directly. You do not need to call us or email us. The sae way you book a flight or a hotel. So seemless!
  13. We monitor your flight - Some times there are last minute flight chnages. We will use your flight number on the booking to monitor your landing.
  14. Licenced Operators - We use only licenced and unoformed operators / drivers who have beed trained well.
  15. Add ons- Vehicle booster & baby seats on request